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Institute for Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems

About me

My main area of research is the study of collective phenomena mediated by social interactions and mobility. I organize my research along three main lines, including network theory, social systems and ecological systems. My research is characterized by the combination of data analysis and modeling in order to advance both the understanding of the connection between basic microscopic mechanisms and emergent phenomena from a fundamental perspective, and in the development of models that incorporate details closer to the description of the real world. I am also interested in transferring concepts and methodologies across different fields (e.g. from statistical physics to the life sciences). A signature of my record is the interdisciplinarity which is reflected in the collaborations and the journals where I have published. You can check my CV here. For samples of my work you can check the research tab.

Latest research

7 de septiembre de 2022
Moving pathogens through hospital transfers

When we move we carry many things with us: clothes, mobile phones, ideas, money… and also pathogens! In this work we construct the largest network of transfers of patients among US hospitals. We show that this transfer network actually correlates with cases of C.diff. infections. Influence of a patient transfer network of US inpatient facilities […]

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7 de septiembre de 2022
Observing evolution in (almost) real time!

One of the things that the pandemic has done to our world is that the scientific community has turned many of their efforts to understand and try to control it from several disciplines. This extraordinary worldwide collaboration, together with the modern information and communication technologies, efforts to share the data and modern machine learning and […]

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